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Marc Jacobs. I love them!!!


H&M trench, WhiteConverse,Shorts Mango jeans, Rayban vintage sunglasses.

How couldn´t I be in love with this pair of perfect shoes?! Marc Jacobs
it´s been giving us some of the best shoes and everything
for many seasons. At the right moment
I tried on these big ones, I knew they were for me.
Aren´t beautiful shoes the best thing a woman can buy?
It feels so right, and also right when suddenly becoming half feet taller in them.
I love so much big heels!
I had to walk all day, but at least I used my converse´s, another right buy, I hope they
don´t get more black than white too soon.


PS. I had a big and difficult exam yesterday, I mean difficult..( reason I couldn´t post more this week) Well, I hope I `ll get it great. wish me luck!
Thanks so much readers!



Let`s call it just the commence of it, taking the first step to new season, and at same time
taking advantage of all our artists ( and what they`ve done this season). I`m impressed on
how shocked I am everytime I see these perfect (and in the edge of crazy, which I love) designs,
watching the glamorous, sophisticated and sexiest looks I could ever think of.
Thanks Marc, thanks Alexander Wang, and thanks red color on lips.
Time to start wearing highest boots you´ve ever seen, cuir, shiny everything , stripes,
big shoulders and even black lips.
I`m into all of it. ( and can`t get enough of it)

Great week!

Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.
Ella Fitzgerald

Skating Sweethearts


Wearing American Apparel mint sweetheart dress.

I took this photos after my trip to NY. I love love love this sw dress, especially the color. When I wear it I feel like a professional Ice skater
(but just the feeling).
Taking this photos was extremely fun, given the fact that I`m not good at skating, I had to take care of not causing some accidents.
The first one was just the more difficult, for one freakin moment I couldn`t feel my hands. It was so freezing cold!, and all were staring like : what is she doing?!
Someone maybe thinkin` I was crazy, but I think it was just worth it.
Anyway , enjoy it!!



I´m just thinking this outfit as sexy and splendid as a cheerleader. It´s not that I would go out to the street
like this, at least not with this amazing blazer/sweater unbuttoned, but here I am, taking it out to the Blogger street,
totally thinking we know how sexy and chic can be some shiny and sexy underwear used as outwear. I look
again to the first photo and feel like a teen after practising some fierce routines with a provocative outfit
to make everyone make so much more noise at the game. 
Anyway , I have no doubt these are some powerful and beautiful
colors (helped with Topman, UO and juicy couture designs). I´m becoming crazy with this sequin 
culotte_like and also takin some advantage to show how sexy
women are ( ain´t we?)

Great week!


We all love (or will be loving) Fall 09


This is my little collage to announce: I`m more than ready for Fall 09. We know we want it so badly.
Hope you like it as I do.
Excellent starting of week. Don`t forget carrying style.

(why did weekend end so fast?!)

Parisienne YSL



I Just needed to share this with you. Im in love with it. The commercial is breathtaking and she is too.


Melting fringes

GF fringes dress, F21 wallet, Zara Boots, Vintage ring
Finally wore this fringe mini dress. This intriguing feeling is now finished.
When seeing so many fringe clothes everywhere last season I knew I had to get some of them.
I got this Gianfranco Ferre dress several months ago and look at it: first time used till today.
You would imagine how funny(or strange) I looked when takin these photos outside the exciting
party. Much persons givin a little glance at me: Take it now! I was saying a little nervous..... WELL,
its for my blog of course!
wanted to show readers the every ocassion outfit I promised.
( As i love my readers), Enjoy it!
PS . I just found the perfect pair of boots to be the substitute of these ones. Time to budget. AND SHOP A LITTLE!
PS2. I just came back home. After trying on the best Marc Jacobs shoes I ve seen (with a heart red shape!)
PS3. My head looks quite bigger in the second shot, I´m laughin