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twisted sense of love

Naf Naf vest, Armani x dress, Gianfranco Ferré patterned high waisted pants, Marc Jacobs shoes, Max Mara socks

It isn`t exactly a sheep or any cuddly toy. I got this beauty(yes the white one) at Naf Naf. What is
incredible about the big streets here in Paris, is that there are great shops everywhere, even more,
is that all these great boutiques are really warm inside! So I got into Naf Naf and found it. I would really
like to even sleep with it, but I do like it, too much, so I tried to pair it with these Gianfranco Ferré pants
I bought time ago saying they were so useful and versatiles, but of course,
it is the first time I am using them.
Same for those Max Mara socks, I liked them way too much, but there is one big
distance in the things I like so much and the things I use everyday( saying it and thinking of my
favourite little black dress from Topshop I hadn`t used yet).
And just a last one, as I was walking today near the Eiffel tower, just a little bit of snow started
to fall, I was alone, but I smiled. I loved it.


Thank you for the feature of Hypeed. You can watch it Here

American Apparel: WORK IT

Wearing the double side legging, and the Viscose tank,

This is a shoot I recently did for American Apparel, Love this tank, the material is amazing! Super versatile.
New post coming! Great weekend everyone!


PS. You can check the photoshoot entirely at the AA website.


Zara fringed, American Apparel acid wash shorts, Bebe boots, Zara parka

Frankly, I just managed to take off my parka for 10 minutes. NO MORE. 
 These hold ups, nevertheless, are dangerously sexy, and were enough to "hold" the icy weather here. 
Today I tasted the best crêpe in my whole life; they were actually 2: The first one, 
ham & cheese , and the second one: chocolat (in french of course).  What an amazing
and incredible taste, la cuisine française is really gettin`  into me.
I also finished attending the PRÊT À PORTER PARIS,  a great event that got together new 
brands and designers. It was totally interesting and I definetely loved many things there. 
   I just love this glasses, and though they are not meant to be for the sun, they do 
look amazing. I got them when I went to see the 3D Avatar movie.


pour la tour eiffel

It has really meant a lot to me, the word " parisienne" more than "française",
had set in my mind several images, thoughts, reasons,that got me enchanted,
and I now I just want
to keep them all here.
That was the first view of the Tour Eiffel.
As I arrived to the hotel, I decided to focus totally in the beauty of Paris,
and tried to forget (though it is so hard!) about the absolutely cold weather.
I quickly unpacked and made my way to Rue Saint Honoré, to corroborate the "très chic" people everywhere.
Everyone , everywhere, full of coats, furs, fully charged with this parisien look.
I took my new booties, just in time to feel chic too. They are totally amazing.
I got these leather gloves just before I left home, and now I don`t think I `ll take them off again!

Now I`m just trying to sleep a little, the damn "jet lagged" is really hiting me, but I am thrilled cause is not even February
and I don`t have to wait anymore to get "la Vogue Paris". I love it.
Mango studded leather gloves, Faux fur Adam Lippes for Mango, Oysho denim shirt, Bebe booties

c`est la mimi

Thanks I was featured in Mimi`s blog! Sure I am a little bit late, but I have big news.
Coming in my new post, a new adventure!
Be sure to check her blog! and the interview and feature she did about me!



American Apparel red cape, Max Mara tights, American Apparel mini shorts, Burberry shoes
I didn´t think the red color would look so great in the photos, but that´s the way it is, no matter how crappy was all day, 
and lately, all these days, anyhow. Thanks there are always also great winter clothes, otherwise , I would be freezing,
or I would be all day long inside my bed. I realize now, I was actually all day long inside bed, how lazy!
I got these Burberry shoes last week. Would they be enough to make me stop using heels?, they are so great, BUT NO WAY.
I love heels, always.




It isn`t maybe the biggest surprise but you, but believe, after a friend called me and told me I was on the back cover
of BABY BABY BABY. I was thrilled , surprised, I really like this feeling!
What a great magazine, it is totally full of editorials, great ones, and well, PLUS, I am
ON THE BACK COVER! Thanks so much to the one who picked my ad!
BABY BABY BABY is a Mexican made magazine, with distribution in all the American Apparel stores, in Tokyo, Korea, Motto, 
Berlin, Germany , Zurich and in some other ones.
Be sure to check it!

life is a sequence with some unexpected events


Mango studded leggings, Bebe boots, F21 tshirt, Zara jacket.
These boots are one of the Christmas presents I got, aren`t they incredible?
Amazingly high and very hard to walk with, but beautiful anyway.
Today was great, while I was searching for the perfect read, I stepped into this great magazine
and guess what... I WAS ON THE BACK COVER!,
It is an American Apparel Ad, I was shocked and very excited
because it is a great shoot, you´ll see after. I`ll really tell you later
about it. Hope you are having a great week .
PS. Also I got the leggings and the jacket for Christmas too, I think I`ve been wearing this jacket
since the day my sister gave it to me, litterally. I wear it every time, It`s so comfortable and warm, 2 things to appreciate from a jacket.

kiss me and don`t tell anyone..

My intention was just to do the post before New Year was here. But presents, hairdos, and the fact of 
being ready to take baby 2010 so great, didn`t realize the fact I had to take 
at least a picture for my readers. 
A little late, is it? HAPPY NEW YEAR! Really hoping all you can get done what you want by the
end of the next year, and don`t you worry if you don`t , there`s always plenty of time in life.
Thanks so much for keeping this blog alive. 
One wish: to do it better everytime. 
One surprise: ... It `s a surprise! You will discover it soon.