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Hey Mickey!!


wearing: DisneyWorld mickey tshirt, Topshop heartbag( my heart), shorts (bought in a Soho store),
tights H&M,Steve Madden shoes( not in the pic)

What would Mickey say if he saw me not as childish as it should be. I hope nothing, and thanks Mickey
for giving some glow to my outfit! ( it´s fair: since I ´ve bought so much Disney movies, and toys,
and everything , no worries Mickey, love you)
God (and not because of the shape of it), I fell in love
with this Topshop bag! )

I would ´ve put more photos of my look here, If I wasn´t
planning ridiculously fast my trip to Italy,
now I´m just waiting for a cruise in the Greek Islands ...
the only thing.. I couldn´t bring the big cam!,
and don´t have too much easy wireless here. Anyway, I´ll be traveling much, but checking
this blog always! thanks to you. And for sure when finishing this trip, showing much
more outfits so we can understand how much we love fashion. 

Thanks for your comments before!. Love fashion.

American Apparel

Remember I told you I did something exciting in NY? Well
this was it! I modeled some new styles for AA! Being at the American Apparel studio with amazing persons was
totally exciting. Here is one of the new bodysuits, of course I already got it
for myself . It´s gorgeous and versatile, and sexy(I´m getting the bloomers
for sure too!). It feels great watching this pics
in Japan and Korea and everywhere websites.
I also modeled some other things for AA.
Hope to show it here later!

(buy it! you won´t regret!)

British fever



Wearing: AA sex/tee tank, H&M jeans and chains, Massimo Dutti blazer, and Topshop purse.

It may not be the greatest british tribute it´s been made, and a tribute wasn´t my intention.
But I´m perfectly sure of something: if there was a brand with this flag as the image of it, or as inspiration,
for sure would also be an inspiration for me( and in my closet!, but thanks topshop for making it!).
Don ´t you like it?! I love it.. Great weekend for me. How was yours?