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H&M Blues feature

But I`ll start with the Miu Miu campaign this season!

Every detail is defined, well fitted and in someway girly.
The patterns and shades of colors are really vibrant, and I find everything really useful.
I think all the collection was really elegant and fresh
Plus, all of the shoes really got into me! I want at least one pair of them!

Anyone who doesn`t like those little birds and cats?
This last pair of shoes is, though is difficult, my favorite one.
I was checking everything on the net today, a usual sunday, preparing myself and
watching all uploads of fashion weeks in NY and Milan, and then I remembered I posted a look
for an H&M contest in lookbook (you should consider participating!), the theme: "The blues".
H&M editors and stylists would pick 5 winners per week: They would be seen
in the H&M webpage ( plus a 100 euros gift card)!
And just like that, I get in the H&M website, click on the blues section, and I was there!
(one of the 1st 5 winners!)
I was really happy!
You can see it on the collage they did here
And thanks editors of H&M for choosing me!
PS: As I told you next week is FASHION WEEK IN PARIS, I will be always around there to
take pictures of everyone I Love, luckily I`ll meet someone else there!
I`ll try to POST EVERYDAY!, so stay tunned!

A place to think

This garden is just across the street where I live, I really like to come here to relax or to read a little bit.
Nature is so refreshing.

Harem satin pants American Apparel, white tee Topman, vintage ring, zara boots, AA vintage belt.

I woke up really late today, I stayed up last night cause I went to watch Valentine`s Day,
it is not really what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it.
I like to come here to this garden, it is relaxing and you do feel "stress free" there.
Last, I came back home after visiting the exposition of Izis, a photographer that
took a part in taking the best photos of Paris.
Waiting in the line that 1 and a half hour was really worth it.
I`ll post some photos later!

IT`S PARIS FASHION WEEK really soon, I am thrilled and excited
cause everything is possible and I will watch a visual, fashion paradise.


PS: Thank`s to American Apparel for sending me these amazing pants. Love them!


I `ll leave you with the sexiest and happiest 
video I have seen today.
Red colored, juicy lips, bright colors,
precious gems, perfect bags,
oh yes, and those shoes, more than perfect.
Prada spring-summer 2010
Do you like it?
I loved it.
CAREFUL: This video may be addictive!



I program my alarm clock for Saturday morning, exactly at 8:30AM, really early for a weekend morning. “Tomorrow,
SONIA RYKIEL, I will get it all.”
I get some sleep hoping mon pull rykiel, stripes sweater, black shoes and leggings will be there.
F*%$ is late!!! 9:40AM, I open my eyes and realize, they are about to open the store, run.  I take off my pijamas, get tights, shorts, gloves, money, anything else... yes, my navigo pass.
On my way, I think,"this can`t be serious, maybe there is not even too much people".
I arrive to H&M, TOO MUCH PEOPLE, 200 persons waiting to get in the store, other 150 inside the store,  carrying 10 items from SR.
15 minutes later: I finally get in, I run, I look, SHOES!, they are here,
leggings!, no way! , yes, X-small!, mon pull rykiel, large, medium, sh*$! I walk, and see this marvelous dress, x-small too. I take it.
Mon pull!!.
5 minutes: Here it is! ( I start feeling happy)
I couldn`t find my stripes sweater.
Anyway, I`m happy.
Finally, a little bit of sunshine in Paris, name of the post: mon pull rykiel. This should be good!.
I sit in the computer, start writing my post (what I began upside), wondering if the photos will look good. I hope they will.



thanks for the feature in fashionfreaks


I didn`t find a better word to describe they way I loved this must-haves for me.
American Apparel new styles ( I just tried on that first light dress yesterday, c`est so chic!)
Those MiuMiu shoes.
The only not so good new is I have wasted more than too much.
I`ll have to wait big time ( in my must-haves clock) to get them.

I shall leave before the sun hides again!


white shining

The dome of Galeries Lafayette, amazing!

A simple reason why I love (even more) Paris.

Max Mara tights, NafNaf vest, Bebe boots, Massimo Dutti shorts, Zara shirt
It`s funny how sometimes you make plans ( for example what I had planned for today, 
a special post for you!) and then you can`t get them done,
but it`s definitely great when you don`t plan something that in the end is better.
Just a thought!
I was expecting a little bit more sun today, but when I oppened the window I just saw
clouds, white ones, so I took the outfit I`d planned for today back to the closet
and instead I put together this one, totally white ( no white shoes!).
And then I went to Galeries Lafayette, another big mall, with this huge breathtaking 
ceiling, and lucky me! I found something incredible: It`s WHITE. 
Can you guess? 

À bientôt!

Alice in Wonderland, in the tearoom.

I don`t write too much about what I usually do, but why not today?
I went to Printemps, a huge mall with the best clothes and shoes,
but what was special wasn`t actually the clothes there( well, they were too):
The whole store was decorated with the theme : Alice in Wonderland.

They created a beautiful tea room, with just one big big table ( yes, like in the movie),
where you could take these incredible little cakes.

And as I am a lover of of Marie Antoinette too ( and I imagined her in her tea time), I ordered this delicious tea.
It was really like in the movie!
Some of the looks outside, the teapot, and the huge garden where Alice spent her adventure
Of course these shoes, "Alicia" shoes, by Nicholas Kirkwood, where thought for the great Disney movie. I loved them.
But what about the movie that`s coming. I can`t way any longer to see it!
A big tree made of macarons, and even little squares of sugar.
Ladurée is "la maison" of teas and cakes, created 2 centuries ago.

I ordered framboise and pistache.c`est incroyable! ( incredible!)
And then just the book and the crazy little rabbit.
Today was launched the Sonia Rikyel pour H&M, just imagine 300 people waiting to enter the store,
and it was just 10:00 in the morning. And there I was, definitely spending more that I was willing to,
but anyway, I got out of there with a big smile.
A pizza margharita and a little glass of wine, french of course,
and Finally resting a little bit and enjoying the March British Vogue, great one.
C`est tout!

À bientôt!

Le denim total look

Since I arrived to this marvellous city, I barely had seen the sun, and then , just reading the newspaper,
I saw a big sun "à demain" ( tomorrow) , so I make the plan: "tomorrow, I take my denim outfit to the street".
I didn`t take off my big coat for too much, cause though the sun was shining , crap (i mean it),
it was as cold as it always is!
It`s all for you my dearest readers, I have had this outfit on my mind for a little bit,
and Daria`s shoots, French Vogue, paradisiac sceneries with this fierce models, I loved it all.

H&M Denim shirt, Vintage levi´s, Bebe boots.
ps. Thanks for the feature at Peandongpeace.(18feb)

Saint Valentine

Wearing: American Apparel peticoat(my latelast purchase, I love it!) H&M knee socks, Marc Jacobs Shoes.
It is an amazing feeling this one I had today,though the day is the coldest, is at the same time the warmest,
Saint Valentine`s. I am thankful to be so lucky, my day was all being around the eiffel tower, eating the best
japanese meal in Rue St Honoré, and just the fact of walking around Paris.
It`s funny, commercial or not a commercial day ( which is probably the first),
I just felt happy of watching everyone out in the street, laughing, loving, enjoying
A coffee, pizza and wine, or chocolates, were enough to make
Saint Valentine`s a happy day.
Happy Valentine`s!!


PS. The song playing is my favorite of all times, I was meaning to save it for a great great post 
but I couldn`t wait anymore. Now I am in Paris!!

American Rainbow

Wearing:(socks, dress, cardigan, tshirt, wool beret) All American Apparel, Shoes: Repetto.

This is another shoot I did for AA, I especially loved this one, the outfit, the background
(with the amazing little rainbow behind), 
the photographer and even the sunlight was amazing in this shoot.


Snowing in Paris

Amazing coat, gift from my mom :Mango, American Apparel mesh and scoop back dresses, 
AA over the knee socks, Max Mara tights

Today was snowing in Paris!! The coldest day since I arrived here but It was beautiful to see the snow falling down so softly and feel it on you cheeks and nose. 
Even with my coat was cold; talking about my new coat, this beauty was a gift from my amazing mom, she is just the best, I miss her so much! 
Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week!!


PS. the song playing is on request from my mom. Love you.
PS.. Yesterday I was featured on Denimology, thanks a lot!